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KTC Code Salon

29 January 2014

I normally don’t make geographically specific announcements on this blog, but for this once I am making an exception. While the New York technology meetup scene is quite vibrant, for me personally there’s something missing and with the help of Kitchen Table Coders, we’ve decided to actually do something about it - KTC Code Salon.

If you don’t know, Kitchen Table Coders is a loose collective of un-like-minded hackers, artists, builders, musicians, and educators that share a studio space in Brooklyn. You’re just as likely to find us discussing the finer points of drawing as you are the finer points of programming language design. It’s an eye-opening break from the focused community building which is so necessary for more topical meetup groups. While I like meetups just as much as anyone, I’ve found that it’s the explicit cultivation of diversity that makes me love places like Hacker School and conferences like Strange Loop.

So what is KTC Code Salon exactly? It’s a monthly gathering curated by yours truly in an attempt to bring some of the excitement you find at well run conferences into the comfort of Brooklyn. We bring talented speakers to present original technical content in an intimate atmosphere where we hope both the speaker and the audience will feel stimulated and challenged. Talks will always be limited to forty minutes with ample room for discussion, friendly debate, collaborative hacking, and perhaps a heated Go match or two. We charge a small fee for attendees to cover the space, setup, and beer in exchange for what we believe will be a uniquely invigorating space of ideas. Seating is very limited so grab a spot for the speakers you want to see! If you’re a speaker who might be visiting New York this year, get in touch!

For more details refer to our official post. We’ll be announcing our first set of speakers in the next week or so.

Stay tuned.