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Hello Chestnut

10 October 2014

UPDATE: This post now contains obsolete information. Please read the new ClojureScript Quick Start instead

Chestnut is one of the coolest bits of ClojureScript tech I’ve encountered in a very long time. Rather than wax poetic I’m just going to show a short video of Chestnut in action. In the following you’ll see several novel things including a very stable ClojureScript REPL based on WebSockets - always ready to go even if you kill the web server, refresh the web page, or have a JS exception on the page. You’ll also see live updating of the running application without corrupting the application state in the style of Elm:

Big shout outs to Bruce Hauman for Figwheel, Tom Jakubowski for Weasel and Arne Brasseur for putting it all together.

Happy hacking!