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Browserless ClojureScript

21 December 2014

UPDATE: This post now contains obsolete information. Please read the new ClojureScript Quick Start instead

As of ClojureScript 0.0-2505 support for Node.js has improved to the point where a browserless workflow is now quite productive. I now prefer this approach when developing libraries where dealing with the browser is a distraction.

To show how fun and easy it is I’ve updated my mies-node Leiningen template. This template provides all the Node.js related boilerplate and includes source mapping support out of the box.

You can try it out with the following commands:

lein new mies-node hello-world
cd hello-world
lein npm install
lein cljsbuild auto

This will start an incremental build process. You can run your script with:

node run.js

If you would like to run your script on every change just edit your project.clj :cljsbuild hello-world entry to look like the following:

{:id "hello-world"
 :source-paths ["src"]
 :notify-command ["node" "run.js"] ;; << ADD THIS
 :compiler {
   :output-to "out/hello_world.js"
   :output-dir "out"
   :target :nodejs
   :optimizations :none
   :source-map true}}

Have fun!