Second round of American Yunguseng League H! Was a real nail biter of a game for me. I was pretty convinced I was going to lose a large group on the left side but I got a chance to settle my groups by killing the white group in the lower left corner. I consider myself lucky. By this point I had used up a significant amount of time (as usual) and spent the remainder of the game in byo-yomi. I believe I had a small lead which was sealed by killing the white group in the lower right corner. Since I’ve haven’t been able to shake my KGS losing streak yet, this Yunguseng Dojang win was most welcome.

While I made some obvious mistakes (and I’m sure In-seong will find the ones which aren’t obvious to me), the one thing I’m happy about in this game is not getting drawn into trying to save my center black stones and instead focusing my efforts elsewhere. While I’m not sure whether that was the right strategy or not, I feel like I’m becoming more flexible with my plans. My KGS losses have had more than a little Bulldozer in them and I want to manage that.

Fingers crossed In-seong includes our game in the G,H,I League group review tomorrow.