Round 5

I played the final round of the month on Tuesday. In this game I mishandled white’s invasion of the right hand side which put me pretty far behind territorially. I then failed to reduce white’s position enough to turn around the game and so lost by 17.5 points. I felt I could have done better in this game, but you win some, you lose some. This loss put my H league record at 3-2. Whether I would promote would depend entirely on how the other folks in my league fared. Again, regardless of whether I stayed or promoted, my experience of League H so far was that I had a lot to learn.

I logged onto KGS yesterday to watch the final games of my league and it turned out that in fact I would promote. I suspect next month is going to be a lot tougher. In-seong ranks them around 5-6 kyu according to his system, but I took a tour of everyone’s profiles and people seem to be around 3-5 kyu KGS. So I have a tough and interesting month ahead. My plan to prepare is to read through Cho Hun-hyeon lectures once again, re-watch In-seong’s recommended lectures, and play more KGS games.

I won a rated KGS game last night against an 8 kyu which put an end to my losing streak which is nice. I’m trying to be less concerned about laddering then just ramping up my game experience while trying to apply as many lessons as I can from AYD.