Yunguseng had a week long break and during that time I was traveling for work so there was little free time for me to post. Tonight I just finished the final game of my second month which I won because my opponent ran out of time. At one point I was managing two weak groups, but I got lucky and both of them survived. After that, I thought I was doing okay and could see a possible path to victory. I don’t feel particularly positive or negative about this game and I’m looking forward to the review to see which of my ideas were reasonable.

My record this month was 2-3 and being the lowest ranked player (your rank is used as the tiebreaker if other people end up with the same win/loss record) I’ll be going back to League H. This month has really shown me how much more I have to learn, and next month I’ll be fighting hard to return to League G and this time better prepared. Still, all this playing and studying is paying off; I feel like I’ve properly achieved 6 kyu on KGS and if I can win a few more games I think I can break 5 kyu before 2017!

In other news, I’m really looking forward to the weekend as Nathan Eagle (lead developer of GoKibitz) is visiting tomorrow. On Saturday, the two of us and several other US Go Congress friends are going to make the trek to Stephanie Yin’s (1P) school in Flushing, New York.

Expect lots of stories and hopefully some cool photos!