Well not literally. I like my Go books and I plan on keeping them. However, with the exception of the various game commentary books which I use to replay game records over a real board, I’m putting my non-tsumego book study on ice.

I’m going to follow In-seong’s suggested regimen from my last report card: 40% of my study time on fast games (Foxy, less than 10 minutes of main time), 30% on easy tsumego (WBaduk, Essential Life and Death), and 30% on watching AYD local technique lectures. My plan is to stick with this regimen for at least the duration of the AYD Season 19.

Speaking of which, after a period of diminished activity, I’ve been getting back into the swing of regular play. Most of my recent games have been on Foxy and I just broke 4 kyu there. I’m doing pretty well, but I’m loathe to draw any conclusions from my winning streaks these days with respect to my overall improvement. Some small observations about my current play: I’m now more likely to tenuki, I’m working on my rhythm, and I’m no longer obsessed about the outcome of the fuseki. Like In-seong suggested, I’m trying to feel the stones rather than overthink any given situation.

In other news my buddy Ien Cheng, who I introduced to Go over a year and a half ago, has been improving at a fantastic clip. He joined up for the AYD season as well and I’m thrilled to have a close Go friend sharing the experience.